Motorcycle Mechanic

Job Opening

Please read the full ad if interested in applying!
Please read the full ad if interested in applying!
Please read the full ad if interested in applying!
Please read the full ad if interested in applying!

About Our Company:
Shore Cycles was founded in response to the growing need for an honest, reliable, and fun sales and repair shop here on the Eastern Shore. We love riding just like you, so we set out to create a business centered around the customer. We sell and service the widest variety of products on in Salisbury and Delmarva, including motorcycles, ATVs, dirt bikes, and scooters. We promise to keep our customers riding reliably and comfortably, no matter what your ride of choice is.

Currently, Shore Cycles services nearly all makes and models, with our speciality being modern and vintage motorcycles from Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki. We also complete scheduled maintenance and accessory upgrades on Harleys. 

We are not your average service shop. Every day will be a challenge, but fun We are looking for people who are self-motivated, who strive for excellence, and won't settle until the customer is 100% satisfied. If that sounds like you, keep reading. 

Our Core Values
Everything we do stems from our core values. These are ingrained in our operations, and guide every wrench turn, estimate, and sale. If these sound like they align with your beliefs, this job may be a good fit for you!

Create Excellence
Pursue Passion
Keep it HOT (honest, open, transparent)
Stay Unified
Drive Change
Be CSO (clean, safe, organized)
Build a Community
Enjoy the Ride

Full Time

What do mechanics for us?
They are responsible for repairing and maintaining a wide variety of powersport vehicles,, diagnosing issues across the entire spectrum of vehicle systems, communicating service results to the Service Manager and customers, and representing our company at events.

Daily Responsibilities:
-Repair powersport vehicles: Motorcycles, ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Scooters
-Complete "NSNR" (no start, no run) diagnostic estimates, and communicate those estimates to our Service Manager and customers.
-Complete fuel system services: carburetor cleaning, tuning, and syncing, tank cleans, etc.
-Complete scheduled maintenance services such as oil changes, tire changes, chain/sprocket changes, valve adjustments, carburetor syncing, fork seal replacements, etc.
-Ensure every job is leaving with only the best work done to it
-Inform the Service Manager of changes and revisions to a workorder
-Update approved workorders on the computer: change status, add parts, add notes
-Assist and direct the processing of unit preps and assemblies
-Train customers how to operate and ride their newly purchased vehicle
-Load/unload vehicles for service
-Review services with customers after they're complete for an extra personal touch
-Clean our shop and service vehicles daily and weekly

Required Experience:
Minimum 2 years of formal powersports mechanic/repair experience in a professional, well-organized motorcycle shop. Documentation and references of past service jobs are a big plus.

Experience on Harley, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki is a big plus. While we don't require you to have experience with every one of these brands, we would like to see applicants who have worked on a few of the Japanese brands plus Harley.

Required Education:
-High school diploma is required
-A college degree, specialty programs, and/or program certificates are regarded highly, but are not required. Attention MMI and -YTI grads: this is NOT an entry-level position, so if you have graduated from a program, this job also requires 2+ years of formal shop experience.

Required Skills:
-Accurate diagnostic assessment skills, especially in: powersports electrical wiring, air/fuel systems, carburetor tuning and theory
-Knowledge of ability to work on both vintage and modern motorcycles (1970's - present)
-Excellent knowledge of a multimeter and how to use one to effectively diagnose issues
-Thorough understanding of 2-stroke and 4-stroke powersport engines
-Ability to lift 50+ lbs. and be on your feet most of the day
-Clear and effective communication
-Strong teamwork skills (almost everything you do will be team-related)
-A passion for problem solving and fixing things
-Good computer skills (we will train you on our inventory and POS systems)
-An ability to work through problems and not get frustrated by them. You must be able to push through the roadblocks that may arise on a service unit.
-Great customer interaction skills. You will not be isolated in your role, and will have to work with customers in explaining a service or teaching them how to ride. 

Other Requirements:
-A POSITIVE, upbeat, team oriented attitude is a MUST!
-Clean driving record
-Must be able to pass drug test and background check
-A strong passion for motorcycles. Passion drives our company, and you must eat, sleep and breathe motorcycles! Wrenching, riding, upgrading, etc.
-A valid motorcycle license (if you don't have one, you must acquire one within 30 days of hire)
-Punctuality. You must be able to arrive on time everyday! Tardiness has no place is our work environment.
-An organized and well-stored tool set (if you don't have all required tools, we will help acquire them for you and deduct it out of a couple paychecks). We will provide a tool cart for maximum service efficiency. We also provide a number of specialty tools for use by all mechanics.
-DOT approved motorcycle helmet
-Reliable daily transportation (car that you own, motorcycle that you own, etc.)
-Ability to lift/load about 50-75 lbs, and an ability to load/unload vehicles from trailers and trucks.
-Organized, reliable, resilient, dedicated, and fun to be around. 

-Paid holidays off!
-Discounted Parts and Accessories
-Opportunity to be a part of a fun, energetic, dynamic team
-Advancement potential
-Hands-on experience with a growing and entrepreneurial company
-You'll get to test drive a bunch of awesome bikes
-Team building events, rewards, meals, and other stuff
-Cool industry gear and Shore Cycles apparel

-Base plus commission of what you bill. Commensurate with experience. NOT FLAT RATE!

How to Apply
Please follow these directions carefully. Not doing so may result in your application getting lost in the mix!
1. Email john@colegoholdings.com
2. Title the email: Mechanic Application - Shore Cycles
3. In the body of the email, please include the following: A short personal summary/story, a few reasons why you feel like you're the right fit for Shore Cycles, do you currently own a bike, and what's your favorite food (very important!!!!)

What to bring to your interview, if we contact you:
Documentation of previous work or project history: pictures of completed projects, detailed service descriptions or workorders.
Printed copy of your resume
Ride your motorcycle to the interview if you own one and the weather is good!
Be on time. Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time of your interview. Please allow the interview to take up to 2 hours.
An open, honest, positive, team-oriented and ready-to-work attitude!

Other Information
A 90 day probationary period applies to this position after being hired. Full employment status is dependent on successful completion of this period. It is imperative that you're able to work in a team-based environment, bring a positive attitude to the table, and that your experience on paper matches hands-on abilities.