Chinese Scooter Service & Repairs

in Salisbury, Maryland

The Shore Cycles mechanics are EXPERTS in Chinese scooter repair. We started repair Chinese scooters in a garage 6 years ago, and have completed every type of repair on 1000's of scooters. There is no problem or issue we haven't seen with Chinese scooters over the years, and will be able to provide a solution to you.

Whether you're having electrical problems, carburetor issues, or just need an oil change, bring your scooter to Shore Cycles for all your repairs and service. We have TONS of parts in stock, and you will get your scooter back faster than anywhere else.

We are the ONLY shop on the Eastern Shore with this level of Chinese Scooter experience. Everyone else is calling us for advice or parts. Save your time, money, and hassle, and bring your scooter to the experts: Shore Cycles in Salisbury, Maryland.

Stop by or give us a call at (443) 291-3030 to talk to us about YOUR scooter. 

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