Harley Service

Handlebar Upgrades on your Harley!

Shore Cycles is excited to offer great prices and service for handlebar upgrades on your Harley. Currently we do cable-operated handlebar upgrades on all modern Harley Davidson motorcycles. We have the best brand available like Burly Brand, Barnett, Kuryakyn, Performance Machine, Wild Ones, and more.

Here are some things to keep in mind when getting handlebars done.


Make sure the bars fit your bike! This sounds like an easy one, but many narrow apes won’t work on a bagger, and many bagger bars won’t have the right ergo’s or looks on a Dyna. Do you need dimples on your bars? Does your wiring run inside your bars; if so do the bars have openings for this?


Changing bars is a great time to change risers, and sometimes necessary for the right look and setup. Make sure risers work with both the bars and your bike. For that extra heightened look, we’d recommend going with a taller bar with a shorter riser; that way you get more bar without too much height!


Arguably the most important part of a handlebar job. MEASURE, MEASURE, MEASURE. Remember, you must factor in any and all changes to your setup, including: bar height, riser height, pullback, width, and many more factors. This is also a good time to upgrade your cables to something stronger and longer lasting.


A handlebar job is the perfect time to change your grips! Sometimes, we have to change grips if your last ones were glued on or are really worn out. There is no extra labor for getting new grips during a handlebar job. Kuryakyn and Performance Machine make some really nice and functional options.


For some jobs, you’re going to need a wiring extension kit. Many Harley’s come with plenty of extra wiring bundled up under the tank, but don’t assume that you have enough wiring! We always recommend having a wiring extension kit on-hand and budgeted into the job, simply because you may need just a few extra wires or connectors to make the job happen.


While this a good summary of most handlebar jobs, every bike can be different and your needs may differ from this list. Even with lots of due-diligence, handlebar jobs can be unpredictable. We recommend having patience and flexibility with regards to the job. We offer professional handlebar installation at Shore Cycles. Give us a call soon to discuss your job: 443-291-3030.