What Scooter Are You?

With the weather being ever so unpredictable this years we can for sure say that we’ve seen a lot more warmer days than usual. Seems as if Summer is just looming around the corner ready to come through with a burst of warm wind. Record warm days in the winter leaves me to believe that this summer will be a scorcher. With living on the eastern shore you get sweltering heat in the spring and summer. At Shore Cycles we provide the cheapest and one of the most popular ways to travel on the Eastern Shore. Areas such as Chincateague, OC, Delmar, and Fenwick are great areas to own these two wheels of fun. Below I’ll enlighten you on some of our best scooters that you could own for traveling short/long distances. 


RX- 50: 

Four Stroke 49 cc engine, with a top speed of 30+ mph. A quick 175 lb. scooter with maneuverable abilities that gets you from A to B. Getting 80-100 mpg will save you time and gas money as you will rarely need a fill up. The electric and kick start option allow for an easy start. Even if the battery dwindles you still go a good kick start option. This bike comes in many colors as well as with a 1 year engine and comprehensive warranty. Not only that, but it has rear bars for your passenger to hold onto or for carrying items. There’s also a storage compartment under the nicely cushioned seat as well as a usb charging port, great for charging your electronics. The base price for this scooter is $1149 with the optimal to upgrade windshield, rear trunk, and stage kits.

Genuine Buddy 50:

This sweet moped comes with a speed restricter set at 30 mph, but has enough grunt to get you to where you want to go. Further more these restrictors cab be unrestricted for more speed. It has a reliable electric and kick start which firs the moped back up easily. However, it is still best to leave the battery on a trickle charger when leaving for long periods of time. If you forget just remember you can use the kick start to start it up. The Buddy 50 also has a USB charger, which is a trivial feature. Built into the Genuine to chargeanything with a usb. Furthermore, it comes with a rugged under-seat space. Has bars behind the back seat and along the rear for a passenger to place their hands for stability or something to grab. It’s recommend you use premium fuel to fill its gallon an a half tank. There is a weight recommendation would be no more than 350 lb. In addition, the center and side stand is very convenient and great for in and out chores. This light bike, 190 lb. is easy to maneuver and light enough to muscle around. One time titling situation, once your done you’re done. This motor vehicle is a great vehicle to have around the eastern shore. Maintenance starts on your first 500 milesand then after that every thousand miles you’ll ned spark plugs, oils, and gear oil changes. Genuine also has a wide softer tire to blend the best of both, big wheel and small wheel; great speed and great traction. Seats are nice and padded, with low profile seat availability. 

Genuine Roughhouse Sport:

Now if you’re looking for a Genuine scooter with speed theres this sport option. The Roughhouse Sport packs a 49cc 2-stroke engine which can surpass 30 mph. This scooter also has the electric start and kick start option and gets a great 80-100 mpg from its 1.2 gallons tank. Its taller seat heigh allows for more aggressive maneuverability with their 120 mm front and rear tires. Another exciting feature would be the option to remove the 30 mph restricted limiter which then give the Roughhouse Sport 45+ mph. This is great for restricting and de restricting the speed as your children age.

Don’t forget to purchase your quick an easy on an off helmets or our half helmets that have built in sun visors and wrap around padding for great comfort and snug fit. Our bread and butter are our open face GMAX helmets that have great ventilation for the dry and humid days. Moister wicken padding with removable washable pads makes for an easy clean. There are also motorcycle gloves to protect you from bad weather and for maximum grip during potentially wet situations.  

At Shore Cycles, we have an assortment of GMAX and Speed & Strength helmets

At Shore Cycles, we have an assortment of GMAX and Speed & Strength helmets