Summer Gear Highlight

Just because it is summer time doesn't mean that your riding gear, apparel, and accessory options have to dwindle. That's why we recommend safety, style, and comfort with Speed and Strength Apparel.

You can still keep your cool with protective jackets such as Speed and Strength Power and the Glory mesh jacket. It comes equipped with not just spine, shoulder and elbow safety in mind, but also super stretch light weight material and mesh frame for an all around better fit and riding experience. The mesh frame allows air to flow in and out while circulating the body and results in an optimal cooling effect. Speed and Strength Hammer Down mesh gloves also allow air to circulate through and around your fingers and hands helping to fight clammy or sweaty palms while keeping your knuckles protected. S&S Power and the Glory jacket paired with S&S Hammer Down Gloves is a combination of undeniable comfort and safety.