Stocking Stuffers

Looking to purchase a gift for the off-roading enthusiast close to you? Look no further because Shore Cycles has everything they need for them to properly maintain their machine. These products are necessary for any off-roader. Without these small additives a bike will not run properly.

Below is a list of products that are perfect to add to a dirt riders gift list.

1)     Bel-Ray Filter Oil and Cleaner

The Air filter on an off-road machine acts as the lungs. The Air filter prevents dirt, rocks, mud and dust from reaching the combustion chamber. The Filter becomes blocked up after a few rides. Bel Ray Filter Oil allows for quick cleaning and maintenance of an air filter. Without these products, your bike will not run properly and harm can be caused to the engine.

Filter oils cleanre.jpg

2)     Bel-Ray Engine oil

The Engine oil is the life-blood of an engine. The oil lubricates moving gears and other various parts within the motor. These parts make thousands of rotations per minute for long periods of time. After time the oil becomes thick and performs less. This being said changing your oil regularly helps keep your machine running properly and helps the engine wear slower

Bel Ray comes in three grades. These are Mineral, semi-synthetic and full synthetic.

Bel Ray comes in three grades. These are Mineral, semi-synthetic and full synthetic.

3)     SeaFoam Motor Treatment

SeaFoam engine treatment is an additive that can be put directly into the gas tank or sprayed into the air intake. While this product travels through the fuel line it cleans out the injectors, cleans the carburetor jets, eliminates deposits, removes moisture and lubricates the cylinders. Cleaning out the fuel line allows for the engine to receive the proper amount of gas by helping it flow freely.

4)     Maxima Chain care kit and chain brush

The chain on a bike bounces and twists for the duration of a ride. It undergoes a massive amount of force as it transfers power from the engine to the drive wheel(s).  Once a chain dry’s up or dirty it seizes. When the chain is not properly lubricated it makes it difficult for the engine to transfer power, causes damage to the sprockets and the chain can even break. (you really do not want your chain to break while you are in the middle of the woods) Make sure you buy the right equipment to maintain your chain.

5)     Deltran Automatic battery tender

Most off road vehicles have very small battery’s so they have a limited amount of times they can be started. During the colder month’s battery’s lose their ability to maintain a full charge. This charger can be hooked up to a battery and left on for extended period of time. The device will charge the battery until it is fully charged and will not overcharge it. The slow sharing of the battery helps extend the battery life.