Stocking Stuffers: For The Streeet Bike Rider

1)     Ram Mount for cell phones.

This device is the best cell phone mount out there. This mount can be attached via stem mount or to the handle bars. Ram Mount features two different points of restraint on your cell phone to ensure it stays in place while you ride. The 4-point X-Grip clinches the phone while a rubber strap grabs all four corners of the phone to prevent it from dislodging from the X-Grip in rugged terrain.

Ram mount .jpg

2)     License plate Bracket

This bracket easily attaches to the swing arm of a motorcycle. With this device and a Bike master integrated taillight you can legally remove the big ugly tail fender on your street bike. These two products will give your bike a cleaner and sleeker looking tail.

3)     Cold Gear

Do you know someone who likes to ride in the winter? With these two apparel items, the cold won’t be a problem for their hands or face. Fly Xplore Gloves are water proof, are thermally insulated, reflective, have a breathable membrane and will also provide protection form an impact. The Neoprene facemask blocks frigid air from making contact with a riders face. Plus, they come in all black or a glow-in-he dark skull face.

4)     Tinted of reflective Visors

For a small price you can enhance the look of a motorcycle helmet and shade a set eyes form the sun. These visors are easy to install and are available for almost any full face helmet.

5)     Manufacturer Sticker sheets

Help someone you know represent the brand they are forever loyal to. We have sticker sheets for the big four manufacturers. These include Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, and Kawasaki.


6)     ProGrip tank protector

Under heavy braking or when a rider is  crouched over the tank to stay hidden form the wind, pressure gets put on the tank. Prevent scratching of the tank tank by putting one of these on it. Not to mention, they look mean and make a bike look a little more aggressive.