Track Review: Shenandoah


Are you up for a challenge? This is a necessary question to ask yourself before coming to this racetrack. Arguably the most technical track in the country. Your physical and mental ability to ride a motorcycle will be put to the test. This is a 2.2-mile circuit with 22 corners. The corners contain both positive and negative camber as well as increasing and decreasing radius turns with vertical drops. If you are truly up for a challenge for your motorcycle handling abilities, this is the track for you.

Track complexity -  10/10
Overall speed -  2/10
Small bike friendly – 9/10
Pavement quality – 8/10

At this track having a bike that makes a ton of power won’t help you much. There is nowhere to use it! What’s going to make you go fast at this track is corner speed. A tight line is required for corner entry as well as corner exit. If you are finding yourself off the strict race line at this track, then you’ll be likely getting passed as well.

Video of an SV650 keeping up and passing advanced riders on 600cc/1000cc bikes.


Overall thoughts  

Some significant upsides to this track are that the facilities are up to date, the paddock is fully paved, and there are some great places for spectators to watch.  Over the bus stop, spectators can stand on a bridge that will allow them to see the whole back section of the track and be right over the bikes as they come down the back straight. Also, spectators can get very close to the inside of the turn 19 or the big bend and see the bikes cranked over as they blister towards the straight.

Nowhere on this track will your bike do the “work” for you. There’s no place on this track to cut time by grabbing a fist ton of throttle. Speed is going to come from corner speed, and corner speed only. If you are familiar with your bike can hold a decent line, this track is perfect for you. This is where your cornering and braking skill will be put to the test. At this track, it’s all about rider skill, so dont be afraid to bring your 250cc.



 Written by:  Robby Cichielo Jr – N2 TrackDay Control Rider