Track Talk: NCBIKE Track Review

Disclaimer -  this is my opinion on each of the following racetracks. In the following article, I will point out the positives of each track to help riders get an idea of what to expect when attending one of these faculties. 

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My favorite part about NCBIKE is it’s a very simple track to learn. The track is wide, smooth and slow to transition in-between corners. The race line is only crucial when exiting a corner. Coming out of turn one you are hard on the throttle with plenty of time to get set up for turn two. Entering turn two can be deemed correct in many different ways. However, there is a strict exit line that will straight-line you into the next corner. Turn three is almost an 180 degree left hander that will throw you into a quick right. Up until turn five, it’s not about how much speed you are carrying, but how well you can limit the distance you are traveling. Moving a little bit slower through these corners will allow you to take the right line, therefore covering a lot less distance and going faster. Turn 5 is long 180 degree, fast left-hander. This is my favorite turn because it’s so long and wide that there is plenty of time to experiment with your riding style. You can make small adjustments in the corner so see how they affect the way your motorcycle performs. The back section, turns 6 and 7 are both 90-degree right-handers that you’ll build up momentum to prepare yourself for the next set of corners. These next turns can be ridden through like a straightaway. Be prepared because turns 8-11 will put your courage to the test. These corners are treated as a slightly kinked drag race until turn 12. There you’ll slow down to approximately 20 mph.

Track complexity -  2/10
Overall speed -  8/10
Small bike friendly – 4/10
Pavement quality – 9/10

Turn 5 at NCBIKE

Turn 5 at NCBIKE

Overall thoughts
This is one of my favorite tracks for working on my body position. The lines are easy to learn, so it allows the rider to focus on learning how to corner and getting used to being on a race track. There is plenty of space to pass on all parts of the track. Not to mention the facility is run well by staff that will go out of their way to make sure you're having fun. This track is perfect for your first time track day or continuing to improve your technique. 

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