What kind of oil should you use in a scooter?

Unsure what type of oil to use in your scooter? Well we recommend scooter specific oils such as Maxima Racing Oil's Scooter 4T , Bel Ray Scooter Synthetic Blend , or Motorex Semi-Synthetic 4T. Shore Cycles suggests the same brands for your 2 stroke scooter, just make sure you're using a bottle that says 2T on it. Remember: most scooters are 4 stroke, which have a dipstick and need oil changes. 2 strokes automatically mix gas with oil and burn both. 

We urge you to use scooter specific oils as they are designed for use in small motors and to handle engines at continuous high revs. In a car you mainly drive around at 2-3,000 RPM, scooters on the other hand are running at 6-8,000 RPM all the time when you are riding, this means the oil must be designed to handle such hard use.


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