Scooter Warranty and Country of Origin Guide


If you're reading this, you've probably already decided to get a scooter. Awesome! Congrats! If you're still unsure of what scooter to get, below is a handy guide for determining the differences between all the brands out there. 

For scooters, there are two main things to look at when purchasing: Warranty and Country of Origin.

Warranty greatly dictates the level of backing the manufacturer has in their product. In essence, it shows how much they believe in their product. Warranties can be parts and labor, or for parts only. Warranties cover manufacturer defects, and never cover crash damage, neglect, scheduled maintenance, theft, etc.

Country of Origin dictates the overall quality of a scooter. Taiwan produces some of the best quality scooters in the world, on the same level as Japan and Italy. China is also catching up. The most important things to pay attention to with Chinese scooters is the factory where they're being made, the stability of the importer, and again the warranty!

As a note, "comprehensive" or "tire-to-tire" coverage means that all non-wearable components of a bike are covered under warranty. Non-wearable components are any item that does not wear naturally as the scooter is ridden, such as but not limited to: transmission belts, engine oil, gear oil, cables, light bulbs, brake pads, paint finishes, chains, racks, brake fluid, tires, and tubes. These items must be replaced periodically during scheduled maintenance.

Anyway, let's dive in! Each brand is labeled separately below with where the parts came from, where the scooters are made, and a quick summary about each brand.

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Genuine Scooter Company

Parts Origin: Taiwan and India

Made In: Taiwan and India

Warranty Snapshot: 2 years comprehensive, parts + labor, PLUS roadside assistance

Genuine has the best warranty and quality in the US industry for scooters, with 2 years comprehensive on pretty much everything non-wearable on their scooters. Genuine's warranty ALSO includes 2 years of complimentary roadside assistance towing, no questions asked!


Parts Origin: Taiwan

Made In: Taiwan

Warranty Snapshot: 2 years engine and transmission, 1 year tire-to-tire, Parts + Labor

SYM provides great coverage with 2 years on all components of the engine and transmission. All SYM models have their proprietary ceramic coated cylinder technology, so don't expect to be in for much warranty work on their bikes! They also extend coverage to all other non-wearables on their models for 1 year. 

Lance Powersports, Made by SYM

Parts Origin: Taiwain

Made In: China

Warranty Snapshot: 2 years engine and transmission, 1 year tire-to-tire, Parts + Labor

Lance Powersports is essentially SYM's cousin. All Lance Powersports models are manufactured by SYM Taiwan under their strict guidelines and quality control. Lance provides the true quality of a Taiwanese scooter, but at a better price since final assembly takes place in China. However, all parts are made in Taiwan, including engine and transmission assembly! With a 2 year engine/transmission warranty and additional 1 year comprehensive coverage to boot, Lance is definitely the best bang for the buck in our store.

Bintelli Scooters

Parts Origin: ZNEN China

Made In: China

Warranty Snapshot: 2 years frame and battery, 1 year comprehensive, Parts Only

Bintelli imports some of the highest quality Chinese scooters in the industry. All Bintelli scooters are made by ZNEN China, a reputable and long-standing manufacturer who has an in-house engineering team and design department. They are certainly NOT fly-by-night, bargin bikes. Bintelli provides parts coverage on the frame and battery for 2 years, and all other non-wearables for 1 year. Bintelli's warranty does not include labor coverage. All Bintelli scooters feature NGK spark plugs, Gates brand belts, stainless steel hardware, halogen bulbs, an AGM battery, Duro tires, and plenty of other brand-name upgrades. Bintelli offers a great budget-friendly product that is still capable of a wide range of applications, from leisure to commuting.

Wolf Brand Scooters

Parts Origin: ZNEN China

Made In: China

Warranty Snapshot: 1 year engine and transmission, 6 months comprehensive, Parts Only

Wolf Brand Scooters like Bintelli also imports for the world-renowned ZNEN Factory in China, who has their own engineering team and design department. All Wolf Brand Scooters are produced with strict US-based quality control and US tech support. They have numerous upgrades such as fade-resistant paint, Duro tires, NGK spark plugs, Gates brand belts, and so much more. Wolf Brand Scooters offers an excellent budget-focused customer with a reliable and fun machine that will last for years.