New Off Road Gear, January 2018

Happy New Year everyone!

It's great to be back in the shop after the holidays. We hope you enjoyed spending time with family and friends, and got to squeeze in some riding time too! Anyway, we just got some awesome new off road stuff. Here's the top 5 items!

SSR 140

SSR 140cc pit bike

Just added to the Shore Cycles SSR line-up for 2018 is the SSR 140cc TR pit bike. It's the perfect machine if you're looking for a machine bigger than a standard pit bike, but smaller or more affordable than a full size dirt bike. Features include adjustable inverted forks, 14" front and 12" rear wheels, oil cooler, larger disc brakes, responsive race throttle setup, larger 26mm Mikuni race carburetor, and a taller 32" seat height. Our price is just $1899, and includes ALL freight and setup charges! Come take one home today.

Spoke Wraps

Dirt Bike Spoke Wraps
 SSR 110cc featuring pink spoke wraps.

SSR 110cc featuring pink spoke wraps.

Pink Spoke Wraps

Spoke wraps offer a fun and easy way to customize your bike with a pop of color! They wrap around any dirt bike spokes, and are extremely durable. 

ANSWER Off Road Gloves

Answer off road gloves

Fresh colors just arrived, only $19.95!!! #boom #deals 

Return of the $19.99 Goggle!

Fly race goggles

We got a limited supply of Fly off road goggles in TONS of colors, both youth and adult sizes available. Only $19.95 to protect your eyes from branches, dirt, and gravel!!

ANSWER Youth Off Road Kits

ANSWER youth off road jerseys pants gloves
ANSWER youth off road racing kits

Dress your little racer head to toe with ANSWER off road kits, boots, and protection gear from EVS. We have EVERYTHING you need to keep your child safe while riding a dirt bike. Great prices too :-)

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Four new products you need to know about at Shore Cycles - November 2017

Sooo it's getting colder out, but that doesn't mean you have to stop riding! To help you extend your riding season, we just got some great new products for Motorcycle and ATV riders alike. Whether you're carving corners on the weekends on your street bike, or out early on the trail headed to your dear stand on your ATV, we've got stuff to make your ride easier and more enjoyable!

1. Scorpion Covert 3-in-1 Helmet, $209

We're super excited to welcome Scorpion to Shore Cycles through our distributor Wester Power Sports. The first item we have from them is the super popular Scorpion Covert! This is definitely the most unique helmet we've ever seen on the market. It has a 3-in-1 design, allowing the helmet to be a full face, 3/4 open face, or half helmet, all within seconds!

Some of the technical features include an LG lightweight polycarbonate shell, aero-tuned ventilation system, drop-down sun shield that integrates directly with the jaw for quiet rides, KwikWick II moisture-wicking liner technology, DOT approval, and a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY!!! XS-3X available NOW at Shore Cycles.

2. Antigravity Micro-Start Battery Jump Starter, $99

Don't let a dead battery ruin your day! We now carry the high-quality Antigravity brand of jump starters. Featured is the Micro-Start Sport, which is capable of jumping sport bikes and small v-twins, plus cars, jet skis, ATVs, UTVs, and more! There's nothing worse than getting all the way out to your deer stand, just to have your battery kick the dust on the way home. The Micro-Start is ultra compact, about the size of an iPhone 8 Plus, so you can easily store it in a backpack, bag, or even your pocket! Along with jumping vehicles, you can also charge phones, tablets, cameras, and any other small electronics. To charge up the Micro-Start, you can use ANY standard USB power source like a 


3. FLY Aurora Winter Glove, $65

Your hands need protection from cold weather so they can stay flexible and responsive to operate the brakes and throttle safely. Luckily, FLY makes the super warm Aurora glove specifically tailored for riders. It features a HIPORA waterproof liner, full gauntlet, leather palm, TOUCH SCREEN compatibility, 115g of Thinsulate, padded knuckle protectors, and reflective piping for safety. 

These gloves are SUPER comfy. They have a soft neoprene liner for comfort even on those super cold commuting days. The gauntlet is perfect for keeping wind and raining out of your jacket. Unlike basic winter gloves, these have a pre-curved race fit in the fingers, so it's much easier top operate your throttle, brakes, clutch, and switches.

unnamed-1 1.22.35 PM.jpg

ATV TEK V-Grip - gun bow and utility holder, $39

Utility ATVs, are all about one thing: UTILITY! Increase your ATVs ability with the durable V-tek holders by ATK-TEK. These holders have Variable Fit Technology (VFT), so they can hold rifles, bows, farming equipment, snow shovels, and SO much more. Adjustment and mounting is effortless thanks to the too-free process, and you can place these on just about any normal ATV handlebar or rack tube.

Forget about trying to hold your hunting or farming equipment while riding! These V-Tek holders will secure your equipment safely and within easy reach. 



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What Scooter Are You?

With the weather being ever so unpredictable this years we can for sure say that we’ve seen a lot more warmer days than usual. Seems as if Summer is just looming around the corner ready to come through with a burst of warm wind. Record warm days in the winter leaves me to believe that this summer will be a scorcher. With living on the eastern shore you get sweltering heat in the spring and summer. At Shore Cycles we provide the cheapest and one of the most popular ways to travel on the Eastern Shore. Areas such as Chincateague, OC, Delmar, and Fenwick are great areas to own these two wheels of fun. Below I’ll enlighten you on some of our best scooters that you could own for traveling short/long distances. 


RX- 50: 

Four Stroke 49 cc engine, with a top speed of 30+ mph. A quick 175 lb. scooter with maneuverable abilities that gets you from A to B. Getting 80-100 mpg will save you time and gas money as you will rarely need a fill up. The electric and kick start option allow for an easy start. Even if the battery dwindles you still go a good kick start option. This bike comes in many colors as well as with a 1 year engine and comprehensive warranty. Not only that, but it has rear bars for your passenger to hold onto or for carrying items. There’s also a storage compartment under the nicely cushioned seat as well as a usb charging port, great for charging your electronics. The base price for this scooter is $1149 with the optimal to upgrade windshield, rear trunk, and stage kits.

Genuine Buddy 50:

This sweet moped comes with a speed restricter set at 30 mph, but has enough grunt to get you to where you want to go. Further more these restrictors cab be unrestricted for more speed. It has a reliable electric and kick start which firs the moped back up easily. However, it is still best to leave the battery on a trickle charger when leaving for long periods of time. If you forget just remember you can use the kick start to start it up. The Buddy 50 also has a USB charger, which is a trivial feature. Built into the Genuine to chargeanything with a usb. Furthermore, it comes with a rugged under-seat space. Has bars behind the back seat and along the rear for a passenger to place their hands for stability or something to grab. It’s recommend you use premium fuel to fill its gallon an a half tank. There is a weight recommendation would be no more than 350 lb. In addition, the center and side stand is very convenient and great for in and out chores. This light bike, 190 lb. is easy to maneuver and light enough to muscle around. One time titling situation, once your done you’re done. This motor vehicle is a great vehicle to have around the eastern shore. Maintenance starts on your first 500 milesand then after that every thousand miles you’ll ned spark plugs, oils, and gear oil changes. Genuine also has a wide softer tire to blend the best of both, big wheel and small wheel; great speed and great traction. Seats are nice and padded, with low profile seat availability. 

Genuine Roughhouse Sport:

Now if you’re looking for a Genuine scooter with speed theres this sport option. The Roughhouse Sport packs a 49cc 2-stroke engine which can surpass 30 mph. This scooter also has the electric start and kick start option and gets a great 80-100 mpg from its 1.2 gallons tank. Its taller seat heigh allows for more aggressive maneuverability with their 120 mm front and rear tires. Another exciting feature would be the option to remove the 30 mph restricted limiter which then give the Roughhouse Sport 45+ mph. This is great for restricting and de restricting the speed as your children age.

Don’t forget to purchase your quick an easy on an off helmets or our half helmets that have built in sun visors and wrap around padding for great comfort and snug fit. Our bread and butter are our open face GMAX helmets that have great ventilation for the dry and humid days. Moister wicken padding with removable washable pads makes for an easy clean. There are also motorcycle gloves to protect you from bad weather and for maximum grip during potentially wet situations.  

 At Shore Cycles, we have an assortment of GMAX and Speed & Strength helmets

At Shore Cycles, we have an assortment of GMAX and Speed & Strength helmets


 Many of us know Keanu Reeves as a down to earth person who rides the metro rail like an every day individual. We’ve seen most of his action packed movies, observed his obsession with defense weapons, but not most know nothing of his latest creation. Coming out with his latest film project, John Wick: Chapter 2, Keanu Reeves has been in an out of the film studio. However, in the midst of his acting career, and him riding the metro rail, Keanu Reeves has become an innovator in the motorcycle cruiser world. Keanu Reeves and his counterpart have challenged the motorcycle industry by creating a custom S&S V-Twin with an aggressive and maneuverable frame. Keanu Reeves and co-founder Gard Hollinger seem to be pushing their motorcycle culture and values in a direction where some feel the bike should be in its own class all together. Gard Hollinger, a master builder of motorcycles, is known primarily for his L.A. County Choprods shop which focuses on custom creations of motorcycles and after markets parts. Luck had it that the initial prototype of the KRGT-1 was to be created there after Reeves approached Hollinger for custom work on his V-twin Harley-Davidson Dyna for a custom built sissy bar. Hollinhger, the master builder he is built a modern but throw back custom motorcycle with an aggressive build. Through this, the spawn of the KRGT-1 custom motorcycle was conceived which evolved into the KRGT-1 and the start of Arch Motorcycle Company.

  The extra travel in the rear suspension allows for heavy cornering unlike other cruisers. the look is not far from a cafe rider.

The extra travel in the rear suspension allows for heavy cornering unlike other cruisers. the look is not far from a cafe rider.

The plethora of custom motorcycle shops in the U.S. has grown like saccades. From the shows we’ve seen, O.C. Custom choppers, as well as shops we known about, only few have taken their creation to the next level of mass production and marketing. With Arch takin the look and performance of a sport cruiser to the next level, many of companies fail to distinguish themselves form each other. As society changes its social norms and value so does the tasteand expectation we have on our bikes. The KGRT-1 challenges this with its sleek futuristic features, carbon fiber wheels, single rear suspension with enough travel to take corners harder than a cruiser should, and feel of a “nimble sport bike” according to Basem Wasef (The Robb Report,DRIVING THE ARCH MOTORCYCLES KRGT-1 WITH KEANU REEVES). With our new modern aesthetic needs challenging R&D, Arch has been able to capture their customers needs by designing the tank as well as the fit on bike to the customers needs. Each bike is custom built, custom fit, and has a custom look tailored with the help of the customer. This enables ARCH to execute their philosophy of “Connecting The Art and The Ride.”



Once a KRGT-1 is designed it takes over 300 machine hours using their CNC and water-jet machinery to create each individual masterpiece. The KRGT-1 stunts over 200 custom made parts created at the ARCH manufacturing facility in Hawthorne, Calif. Additional more standard parts are supplied by vendors who collaborate or havethe same fit for ARCH Motorcycle Company parts. Consequently, in a good way, the KRGT-1 has started a debate whether or not its is in its own category of motorcycle or its just a more modern cruiser. The KRGT’s aggressive stance, sport like maneuverability in corners (due to more travel in the rear suspension), and V-Twin power allows this “cruiser” to categorize itself in a whole new class.

As for pricing, the bike does not come cheap. Nor does the price appeal to any unprofessional. However, ARCHs retro cruiser is delivered worldwide through their own delivery service and is provided with a 2 year warranty. Now your 200 custom components and 300 plus manufactured KRGT-1 will cost you a whooping $78,000 USD. With that being said, you can breath, if you can afford the payment plan of $15,000 downpayment, the $20,000 after design choices have been made, and then forking over the remains $43,000 upon delivery. Reluctant to buy due to the price, I can still however thank Keanu Reeves for creating somethingchallenging that we can all appreciate.


















FRONT 120/70ZR19; REAR 240/40R18 



Years of development and thousands of miles of testing provide KRGT-1 owners with a level of comfort and confidence rarely experienced in exotic transportation. Stunning appearance and performance is the bonus. 








WHEELBASE - 68”; RAKE - 30°; TRAIL - 5.0”; SEAT HEIGHT - 27.8” 





Information provided by:


Wasef, B. (n.d.). Driving the Arch Motorcycles KRGT-1 with Keanu Reeves. Retrieved February 10, 2017, from


ARCH Motorcycle Company begins production of the highly anticipated KRGT-1 and is now accepting reservations.

300cc Motorcycles: A New Rising Power Within Sportbikes

 Photo Credit to -

Photo Credit to -

The growing popularity of smaller motorcycles has caused manufacturers to shift from only making the biggest and badest bikes to making small, inexpensive machines that pack a punch. The most recent batches of 300cc motorcycles are often equipped with ABS, clip-on handle bars, sportbike seating positions, inverted forks all while achieving 60 plus miles to the gallon. These bikes start around $5,000 brand new.

Of course naturally, with the rise in popularity of small sportbikes a new ultra-lightweight racing class has sprung up. For the last few years, Moto-America has had a Factory spec racing class that featured the KTM-390 and World SuperBike has just announced their new small engined racing series. 

 Anthony Mazziotto III leading the pack at one of the MotoAmerica rounds

Anthony Mazziotto III leading the pack at one of the MotoAmerica rounds

MotoAmerica's KTM-390 cup series will be the best racing you will ever see. Each bike featured in the races are almost exactly the same, so winning one of these races is 100% the riders responsibility. There is no mechanic, factory team, or amount of money you can spend to give yourself a competitive advantage. Many of these races you will see bikes in packs of    5-10 within inches from each other, all fighting for the win. Some of these races feature less than .5 second gap between the winner and the top pack of riders. 


 Garret Parker's Ultra-lightweight Yamaha R3 Superbike

Garret Parker's Ultra-lightweight Yamaha R3 Superbike

Not only does this racing class require the "rider" mod to be the most important, but it is also by far the most affordable class to race.  Take a look at some of the racing forums for a used 300cc race bike. For 3-5k you can buy a full blown race bike that is capable of winning championships.  Oh, and once you learn how to make one of these bikes go fast, imagine how fast you will be once you jump on something like an R1. Small bikes are the cheapest way to get into racing and the best bikes to learn on.

Stocking Stuffers: For The Streeet Bike Rider

1)     Ram Mount for cell phones.

This device is the best cell phone mount out there. This mount can be attached via stem mount or to the handle bars. Ram Mount features two different points of restraint on your cell phone to ensure it stays in place while you ride. The 4-point X-Grip clinches the phone while a rubber strap grabs all four corners of the phone to prevent it from dislodging from the X-Grip in rugged terrain.

Ram mount .jpg

2)     License plate Bracket

This bracket easily attaches to the swing arm of a motorcycle. With this device and a Bike master integrated taillight you can legally remove the big ugly tail fender on your street bike. These two products will give your bike a cleaner and sleeker looking tail.

3)     Cold Gear

Do you know someone who likes to ride in the winter? With these two apparel items, the cold won’t be a problem for their hands or face. Fly Xplore Gloves are water proof, are thermally insulated, reflective, have a breathable membrane and will also provide protection form an impact. The Neoprene facemask blocks frigid air from making contact with a riders face. Plus, they come in all black or a glow-in-he dark skull face.

4)     Tinted of reflective Visors

For a small price you can enhance the look of a motorcycle helmet and shade a set eyes form the sun. These visors are easy to install and are available for almost any full face helmet.

5)     Manufacturer Sticker sheets

Help someone you know represent the brand they are forever loyal to. We have sticker sheets for the big four manufacturers. These include Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, and Kawasaki.


6)     ProGrip tank protector

Under heavy braking or when a rider is  crouched over the tank to stay hidden form the wind, pressure gets put on the tank. Prevent scratching of the tank tank by putting one of these on it. Not to mention, they look mean and make a bike look a little more aggressive.

Stocking Stuffers

Looking to purchase a gift for the off-roading enthusiast close to you? Look no further because Shore Cycles has everything they need for them to properly maintain their machine. These products are necessary for any off-roader. Without these small additives a bike will not run properly.

Below is a list of products that are perfect to add to a dirt riders gift list.

1)     Bel-Ray Filter Oil and Cleaner

The Air filter on an off-road machine acts as the lungs. The Air filter prevents dirt, rocks, mud and dust from reaching the combustion chamber. The Filter becomes blocked up after a few rides. Bel Ray Filter Oil allows for quick cleaning and maintenance of an air filter. Without these products, your bike will not run properly and harm can be caused to the engine.

Filter oils cleanre.jpg

2)     Bel-Ray Engine oil

The Engine oil is the life-blood of an engine. The oil lubricates moving gears and other various parts within the motor. These parts make thousands of rotations per minute for long periods of time. After time the oil becomes thick and performs less. This being said changing your oil regularly helps keep your machine running properly and helps the engine wear slower

 Bel Ray comes in three grades. These are Mineral, semi-synthetic and full synthetic.

Bel Ray comes in three grades. These are Mineral, semi-synthetic and full synthetic.

3)     SeaFoam Motor Treatment

SeaFoam engine treatment is an additive that can be put directly into the gas tank or sprayed into the air intake. While this product travels through the fuel line it cleans out the injectors, cleans the carburetor jets, eliminates deposits, removes moisture and lubricates the cylinders. Cleaning out the fuel line allows for the engine to receive the proper amount of gas by helping it flow freely.

4)     Maxima Chain care kit and chain brush

The chain on a bike bounces and twists for the duration of a ride. It undergoes a massive amount of force as it transfers power from the engine to the drive wheel(s).  Once a chain dry’s up or dirty it seizes. When the chain is not properly lubricated it makes it difficult for the engine to transfer power, causes damage to the sprockets and the chain can even break. (you really do not want your chain to break while you are in the middle of the woods) Make sure you buy the right equipment to maintain your chain.

5)     Deltran Automatic battery tender

Most off road vehicles have very small battery’s so they have a limited amount of times they can be started. During the colder month’s battery’s lose their ability to maintain a full charge. This charger can be hooked up to a battery and left on for extended period of time. The device will charge the battery until it is fully charged and will not overcharge it. The slow sharing of the battery helps extend the battery life.

Track Reveiew New Jersey Motorsports Pack


New Jersey Motorsports Park Isn’t just a race track, it’s a facility full of entertainment. Here you can find an event list that changes from professional motorcycle racing or NASCAR racing to 24-hours of LeMons or Mini-MotoGP. For those of you unaware of that 24-hours of leMons is. It is a 24-hour race of cars that have to be purchased for $500 or less. MiniGp is a racing series created to teach kids about motorcycle racing techniques. They race 50cc-125cc engine dirt bikes equipped with street tires.

NJMP hosts a large list of events that anyone is bound to enjoy themselves here at least for a few of their events. Some of these attractions include Monster truck rallies, paintball tournaments, clay shooting, go-carting, upscale-villas, WWII planes, exotic car garages and a restaurant and bar.  


 These kids may be small and thier motorcycles smaller, but these kids can ride...  This is William Moore Jr. dragging his elbows during a demonstration 

These kids may be small and thier motorcycles smaller, but these kids can ride...

This is William Moore Jr. dragging his elbows during a demonstration 

 Go-karting and Shifter karting  These are not your average Karts

Go-karting and Shifter karting

These are not your average Karts

 24-hours of LeMons race  (yes that car is not upside down) 

24-hours of LeMons race

(yes that car is not upside down) 

NJMP Track Map.jpg

This race track is one that separates the boys from the men. That's why it is a host to professional racing events such as MotoAmerica, NASCAR, Twilight racing series, AHRMA and more. This track is technical but fast. There is little room for error in any of its 12 corners.

Turn one is a 90-degree right-hander. In this corner, you will use the brakes and your body to guide you to the point of  hanging right over the edge of the inside apex. The chevrons stand 6 inches above the pavement so as you fly over it; your head is about 10 inches from the pavement. While using the throttle and your body you'll stand the bike up and drive wide till your on top of the exit chevrons right about a few inches from the grass.

 Eziah Davis, Turn one Apex

Eziah Davis, Turn one Apex

Turn two is tricky. As you approach the apex, you are climbing a hill and cannot see whats on the other side. As you approach it at around 120 MPH, you'll need to use markers to determine where you are going. Skid marks on the pavement, something off in the distance or anything stationary you can use as a marker. Personally, I like to use the trees on the horizon. As you go through the apex and crest the hill it is likely that the bike is going to wiggle around as it barrels towards turn 3.

Turn three is split into three different sections. It's a quick right left and then right again. It's very important to enter turn three on the right line. Being on the right line allows you to shorten the distance through these quick transitioning corners and allows you to keep up your momentum. As you exit turn three you start to climb up a steep grade also known as wheelie hill. Turn 4 is another 90-degree right-hander. Be careful in this corner because  if you clip the chevrons on the apex it will throw you into the ground. 

 Two bikes coming over Wheelie Hill. It does not matter how you come over the hill, the front end is coming up off the ground. 

Two bikes coming over Wheelie Hill. It does not matter how you come over the hill, the front end is coming up off the ground. 

Turn 5 is a slow left-hander. This is the corner where most people crash due to the amount of braking you have to do on entrance and the amount of throttle you apply on exit. Turn five leads onto a short straight, so it is easy to get a little too eager and grab too much throttle. At the end of the straight is a fast right that is long and wide. There is plenty of space to carry a large amount of speed. This will lead you into turns 7,8 and 9. These are all right-hand turns that combine into a 200-degree increasing radius turn.  Through 7 and 8 you can accelerate all the way till turn 9, but be cautious because all of your braking for turn 9 has to be done while your bike is cranked over on its side.  Turn 10 is an 180-degree left-hander. When you come through this corner you need to hug the inside all the way around. On exit do not accelerate too hard because you'll blow wide and destroy your momentum. If you loose your speed you'll be slow all the way until turn one. The last corner is a slight right that leads onto the front straight. This is a corner that will put your courage to the test. You'll hit the apex around 120 MPH while your body is inches from the pavement. The bike  will bounce around as it struggles to find traction. 

Overall thoughts

At first, I hated this track, and I mean the first two or three times I went here. It was tough to conquer. This track is fast and flows smoothly from corner to corner but if you are off line or don't know where to brake and add throttle in the right spots, you are going dog slow. However, once I learned the lines and became confident with the tracks grip I fell in love with this course. The facilities are clean, power is available everywhere and there are some beautiful trackside villa's up for rent. There is a five-story tower that overlooks the entire track. the paddock is fully paved, garages are state of the art and the bar/restaurant is cheap and high quality. 


Track complexity -  9/10
Overall speed -  7/10
Small bike friendly – 6/10
Pavement quality – 7/10



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